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Enjoy the world of “EHON Museum” at home!

“Welcome! EHON Museum”, an event that has been held in Fukuoka Asian Art Museum every summer vacation since 2007.

The total number of people who have visited the exhibition over the last 13 years is more than 600 thousand. Now the exhibition is widely known and loved by kids as a kids' summer event in Fukuoka.

As the 14th year of the exhibition, this year, we hold “At home! EHON Museum 2020” online.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we decided to postpone the exhibition in the museum; however, you can enjoy the world of EHON and stories at home.

“At home! EHON Museum 2020” features interactive and experience-based contents, which EHON Museum has been focused on and some of the exhibition projects planned to exhibit in the museum this year.
Next year, your original designs and works you make online will be in a real exhibition.

Same as “Welcome! EHON Museum 2020”, “At home! EHON Museum 2020” online is full of various contents, which are fun to see, fun to read.

Please explore “the imagination world” freely.

Production Team

  • plaplax

    Based on the production of interactive works, plaplax actively creates space, movies, and products regardless of their work areas. By deepening the stories behind each project's motifs and creating works with them through various types of media, they deliver discoveries, creative learning, and exciting experiences.


  • Yusuke Saitoh

    Programmer / Designer His works are mainly on creation of exhibition / interactive contents / web / application planning / design / implementation. He is interested in human perception / recognition / technology, and consistently tries to find and collect the ingenious contrivances and similarities in daily lives.


  • Yuichiro Katsume (KACHIDOKI)

    Technical Director / Designer After he worked for DRAFT Inc in 2019, he started his works as self-employed. He works on creating experiences across various media and styles, mainly in areas such as Ads/ Branding /Education.



    Founded in 2004 by Koichi Suzuno and Shinya Kamuro, TORAFU ARCHITECTS employs a working approach based on architectural thinking. Works by the duo include a diverse range of products, from architectural design to interior design, exhibition space design, product design, and spatial installations.


  • Norio Nakamura

    Graphic Designer. Born in Kawasaki city, Kanagawa pref. Following his graduation from Nihon University College of Art, he worked for Sony Music Entertainment. Finishing his tenure at Sony Music, in 1997, he established his own design company. Books Published include “PIXEL ZOO”, “A Scientist and his Amazing Pool”, “FLYING ROUND THE HOUSE” (Fukuinkan Shoten), and “Santa boy” (MUJI BOOKS). Awards: BolognaRagazzi Award, Yusaku Kamekura Award, MAINICHI ADVERTISEMENT DESIGN AWARD


  • minnna no danboardman (d_l_b)

    A character who conveys how to enjoy cardboards (danboard) around you.
    He conducts peddling and workshops to spread the idea of cardboard recycling.
    Procurement of suitable delivery box and arrangement of exhibition fixtures made from cardboards are also his strength, please feel talk to him for a solution if you have any issue related to cardboards.


  • Sawako MORI

    Translator, Transcreator, Consultant. Started her career in the translation and localization service field in 2005. Based on marketing texts, industrial translation, and transcreation, her field spans widely in texts for domestic and international corporations, brands, and projects. And she is the mom of a 5-year-old boy.


  • NPO Community of the Arts & Culture with and for Children

    Through promoting children’s art and cultural activities and their social participation, the NPO, whose base is in Fukuoka, actively works for community creation where children grow up happily. Their projects are developed in various fields such as “Welcome! EHON Museum 2020”, “The Town Kids Build Mini-Fukuoka”, and “Art for the First Step”.


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