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Article 1. (Regarding “At home! EHON Museum”)

“At home! EHON Museum 2020” is an online website, run by EHON Museum Executive Committee (“Committee”) organized by Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Nishinippon Shimbun, TNC TV NISHINIHON, and NPO Community of the Arts & Culture with and for Children.
It aims to communicate the value and capabilities of EHONs, to promote the opportunity to understand and read EHONs, and to enhance children’s imagination and drive communication.

Article 2. (Contents)

Through this website, the Committee provides the contents as follow:
(1) Experience-based digital contents utilizing EHONs.
(2) Information of previous exhibitions and recommended EHONs.
(3) Workshops related to these online contents.
(4) Communication of the workshops’ archives.
(5) Sales of goods related to the contents.

The Committee changes or suspends contents of information and services arbitrarily.

Article 3. (Fee)

All of the contents other than as set out in this Terms and Use are free.
Paid services are indicated clearly with the fee and other related terms.

The fee needed to use the contents offered on this site (i.e., connecting lines, devices, connection environment, communication costs, transportation fees, and shipping fees) shall be borne by the users.

Article 4. (Offering of communication and information by the Committee and third parties)

The information shown on this site shall include information, questionnaires, and the communication of Committee, related companies/groups, sponsors/cooperating corporations, and affiliated groups of the Committee.

Article 5. (Suspension of service)

The Committee may suspend delivery of the entire service or part of it without any prior notice when there is the occurrence of the events listed below:
(1) Periodical or urgent equipment service.
(2) Facing difficulty in service delivery because of accidents or natural disasters such as earthquake or power outages.
(3) When the Committee decides so because of things beyond the Committee’s control, such as technical issues.

The Committee shall not take any responsibility for such delay or suspension of the entire service delivery or part of it when one or more of these events occur.

Article 6. (Termination of service)

The Committee shall terminate the entire service or part of it with prior notice.

Article 7. (Principles of self-determination and self-responsibility)

Users shall utilize information with sole responsibility, and the Committee shall not be liable for any damages arising from using this site.

Article 8. (Copyright)

Articles and photographs on this site shall not be used or reproduced in any matter without permission.
The contents of all materials available on this website and underlying source files are copyrighted by the Committee and information provider.

Article 9. (Regarding cookie ads)

This site may provide contextual advertisements and behavioral advertising related to the article on that page.
Even though the ad contents shown on this website meet the insertion criteria of ads, the ad’s owner and the linked websites take sole responsibility for their advertisement.
Please refer to the details of the handling of personal information in the site policy of linked websites.
In order to improve the users’ convenience and our services, we analyze ad delivery and their effect, user’s behavior, interest, and attributes. 
This system is not for identification purposes.
(you may reject cookie usage in your browser settings) In addition to the Committee’s server, Google’s server also delivers advertisements.
We might send/receive cookies in that case (you may reject cookie usage in your browser settings).
The cookies utilized for ads aim to be used in ads.

Privacy Policy

The Committee understands the importance of privacy protection in a high-speed information communication society and is committed to handling and protecting your privacy.
Please find the details in the Privacy Policy of the NPO Community of the Arts & Culture with and for Children, one of the members of the Committee.