Handicraft at Home! by TORAFU ARCHITECTS
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Let’s Make “The Little House” Using Boxes Around You!

“The Little House” using the whole box. The various types of boxes turn into be various types of Little Houses.

Let’s make your own Little House by putting in your favorite toys and snacks! Its inner lid ensures a secured carry for your “favorites”.

Photo:Yoshitsugu Fuminari

How to Make

10 Mins plus Decoration Time

Things We Use

  • Empty boxes
  • Scissors or a cutter
  • A pen
  • A scale
  • A string
  • Tape


We use a corner of the box to make a roof of the house. Draw a diagonal line with a pen to set the highest part, as a vertex of an isosceles triangle. Draw the same diagonal line on the opposite side and connect both of with a straight line.


Cut the line drawn in step 1 with scissors or a cutter.


If the parts cut away from the box come apart, tape the inside.
The roof is done!


We make the house shape on the side of box.
From the middle point of the line cut in the previous step to the point in the photo (on the same height of ), draw a diagonal line.

On the other side, draw a diagonal line to the point.

On the other side not shown in this photo, draw a straight line to connect both of and on both sides.


Crease the line drawn in step 4 by tracing the line with scissors.


Fold upward on the line creased in step 5 along the fold line.
The inner lid is completed!


Put the roof made in step 3 over the body parts, pushing the triangle-shaped parts into it.
The base part of the house is done!


Decide the point to attach the string for carrying. Mark the point not overlaid with the roof and take the roof off. Cut through the points on both sides.


Pass a string through the holes and make knots on each end.


Put the roof over the house, all done!


Decorate with colored paper and stickers or draw something you like on it. Make your own “The Little House” by decorating it as you like.
It is a good idea to use colorful sweets boxes.

TIPS to Make It Fun

Three Tissue Box Brothers!

Tall, Square, Rectangle all of the brothers are made from the same box!
The only difference is the place to cut. How to make these boxes are all the same.

What will the little house be like when using boxes from your daily life?
Let’s make a town by making a lot of Little Houses!